My campaign platform is simple… Member of Congress were meant to represent the needs of their districts above petty politics and self-interest. We need to get back to that. Over the years, our local residents, businesses, veterans and farmers have not received the representation that they deserve. Whether it is the 48,000 veterans that call our district home, or the multi-billion-dollar economic engine that is our local agriculture, our current representative consistently chooses politics over her district every time.


When the Oxnard VA was ranked as one of the worst in the country and Obama’s VA Director described the wait lines to receive healthcare as being akin to waiting in line for a ride at Disneyland, many members of Congress were so dismayed by his callous disregard for the fact that veterans were dying on those wait rolls, that they called for his immediate resignation.

  • Not our Congresswoman Julia Brownley. She dutifully towed the party line at a time when the Oxnard VA was caught shredding veteran’s medical records.


Our local citrus is the second largest crop grown locally, providing thousands of jobs in our region.  It is vital that we protect this industry from both economic and biological threats.

So when President Obama lifted the ban on international citrus imports that would significantly impact our local farms economically and bring what could be disastrous pestilence, what did Congresswoman Julia Brownley do?

If you think she forcefully rebuked the President of her own party you would again be mistaken.


Our national security is a vital issue to all of us in the 26th district.  Not just because of our large local military presence but because the safety and security we enjoy was bravely fought for by so many local veterans. 

So when the President was pushing the disastrous Iran Nuclear deal, that would send billions of dollars to the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism Iran, you would think our local Congresswoman would recognize that those funds we were sending would threaten our allies in the Middle East and us here at home.

Congresswoman Julia Brownley again, dutifully towed the party line and received over $30,000 in political contributions for it from groups like J-Street.

What does all of this mean?

When your representative puts politics in front of what is best for their district, you get lackluster results.

That is why it is no surprise that not only do so many lingering problems in our district still exist, but nonpartisan sources have rated our Congresswoman, Julia Brownley, as one of the least effective members of Congress.

Rep. Julia Brownley is a career politician that has spent 23 years cashing taxpayer funded paychecks to represent her constituents interests.  Powerful unions and lobbyists are some of her biggest political contributors and have been successful keeping her in office all this time.  Unfortunately for local residents this means that ineffective representation has become entrenched in our region.

My campaign pledge is simple:

No matter what political party controls the White House or Congress, my constituents can count on me to represent what is best for them, their families and their businesses.

I am not a career politician and have stood on my own two feet ever since arriving in this country with nothing. 

The day I became an American citizen was one of the proudest days of my life and I am running for Congress so that I can give back to the country that has given me so many opportunities.

I would be honored to receive your vote and your trust and pledge to never let you down.